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Is it possible to independently install a stretch ceiling

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Before starting the installation of a stretch ceiling, it is necessary to prepare the premises for these works.

When installing suspended ceilings, wall alignment is of great importance, since baguettes are attached to them, and it is necessary to make at least a minimum surface repair in order to get rid of all defects and bumps of the upper part of the walls.

The preparation of the room for the installation of a stretch ceiling includes the release of space, especially along the walls necessary for quick and high -quality installation. If the installed ceiling is not multi-level and a large number of lighting devices will not be built into it, then it is usually enough to move all the furniture to the center of the room and cover with some material to protect against dust.

In other cases, the furniture must be moved to another room. It is desirable to remove furniture not only for the convenience of the behavior of installation work, but also in order to avoid damage to both the elements of the ceiling itself about its angles and furniture (especially when a thermal gun is used to heating the room in the cold season). And of course it is necessary to remove from the room in which installation work is carried out, all plants and pets are performed.

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