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Basic rules and stages of installation of built -in lamps

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We mount the lamp into the ceiling with our own efforts

Remember, the lamps should not fall on the beams made of wood or metal profile. Perform a sketch. Mark. Install guide profiles on the walls. Slote longitudinal ceiling profiles on brackets. And do not forget to check the horizontal arrangement of profiles using the building level. As soon as the frame is made, perform wire wiring. And fix the wires in several places. Attach plasterboard sheets using screws, the heads of which should be slightly drowned into the surface. Complete all the joints and cracks with putty. And when it is completely dry, clean the surface with sandpaper. Pour wallpaper or paint the surface.

Mark. For a drill, select a crown that is ideally suited to the diameter of the lamp. Make holes in the intended places. Disconnect the voltage on the network. Pull out the wires from the hole in the ceiling. Combine wires with terminals on cartridges. If the lamp has a spring mount, raise the paws of the springs and insert into the hole in the ceiling. Now let go. Screw the light bulb. Put on a decorative cover.

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