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Methods of cleaning bricks from cement mortar

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Rules and stages of cleaning bricks from a masonry solution with your own hands

This procedure should be carried out taking into account all the rules and recommendations of specialists. Otherwise, the structure of building material may suffer, on which the thermal insulation of the room largely depends. If there is time, bricks can be cleaned with your hands. This will need a regular hammer and chisel. Some owners prefer to use small axes. However, they are quickly dull, so in the future you will have to restore the severity of the tools. Why add work for yourself?! So that the remnants of cement are faster to depart from bricks, it is useful to wrap them with sandpaper.

Objects of transportation often become furniture, household items and, of course, building materials. In this case, we are talking about silicate bricks, metal tiles, drywall and cinder block. The cost of cargo transportation is determined at the time of signing contracts with carriers and customers. If pieces of cement stuck to the bricks so much, they can only be repaired by a jack of a hammer. If this tool is not at hand, use an electric drill. However, do not forget: such procedures are acceptable to carry out in special construction glasses and, of course, in respirators to protect the respiratory system. To start a solution of cement, builders use not only sand, but also water. That is why you can always use an alternative option for cleaning bricks. They can be soaked in water.

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