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Collector heating systems

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Nowadays, choosing an individual heating system for a house or apartment, prefer a collector wiring, combining it with various radiator heating systems and underfloor heating systems.

The collector system is installed in the center of the house or apartment, usually it is placed in a special cabinet. Pipes go from collectors to radiators and underfloor heating systems. And such systems are the need to create forced circulation. Why is one or more circulating contours with the installation of one or more circulating pumps are created. This allows you to make a heating system more efficient. The larger the house, the more complicated the system, and more contours are required. Near each collector, the presence of a ball crane is desirable so that there is always the opportunity to turn off one or another contour. Collector systems allow you to evenly distribute heat throughout the site of the house. The only drawback of heating systems with collectors is a large length of pipes.

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