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Prepare the surface of the walls and ceilings for wallpaper

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Basic rules and stages of preparing the basis for wallpaper

Walking work is carried out after all construction work is completed. The moisture content of the surface should not be more than eight percent. In order to determine the humidity level, take a piece of foil and the next day, if dampness is large, it appears from the side of touch with the wall.

Also on the surface of the walls there should be no cracks, potholes, pits and hillocks. The cracks of skirting boards and platbands should be smeared.

Wooden walls should stand for a year and only then can the wallpaper be glued to them. Floiled walls are flinked with triangular cubes. They must be beaten with nails, and glue the cracks with paper stripes. To put up the cracks, you can use gypsum or limestone, which should dry.

The moisture content of wooden structures should be no more than twelve percent. All cracks need to be close up and steep cardboard.

The seams of the walls of plywood, drywall – it is worth treated with olifa, and when they dry, they need to be cleaned with a pumice and painted over with oil paint.

The walls that are painted with paint must be wiped with a wet rag, and rinse polluted places with soda. Then wipe everything dry. No need to stick paper if the walls are in good condition.

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