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Monolithic or slab foundation: Comparative characteristics

by britainsnews

A slab or monolithic foundation at the moment cannot be called any popular, here as they say, “the ball runs” it is the strip foundation, which, by the way, is not surprising.

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Meanwhile, one cannot but notice that the slab foundation cannot be called the useless invention of mankind, since under certain circumstances it is the only option for the foundation of all existing. These circumstances, as it is already understandable, is first of all to indicate the case of the great heterogeneity of the soil at the construction site, when one part of the soil sags much faster and more intensively than the other part. In this case, the only way to build a building is to fill a thick concrete slab that will keep the house in integrity, even with serious excessions of the soil. Moreover, even with a very large failure of the soil, the foundation will not crack and hold the house, although it will lean into the string of drawdown.

Of course, one cannot fail to notice the fact that this foundation is very expensive in the organization and, in addition, it is quite difficult to build, which of course does not make it popular. Therefore, it is built only in difficult conditions and only under small buildings.

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