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Comparative characteristics: paint and wallpaper

by britainsnews

Probably the first finishing material for the interior decoration of housing can be considered paint. Another ancient people who lived in the caves painted on their arches with the help of colors that they received from various berries or plants. Today, of course, no one will occur to anyone an unusual version of the decoration, however, the variety of colors and textures can drive any.

Modern paint boasts a huge number of undeniable advantages, and is increasingly used as a finishing material for the interior wall decoration, thereby displacing the wallpaper familiar to everyone. The paint is used not only in the living room, the walls are painted even in kitchens or bathrooms. Here are just some of the obvious advantages of paint, in the implementation of internal finishing work: the wall painted by means of paint can last more than ten years, standard wallpapers for such a feat, alas, are not capable of. On average, the service life of the wallpaper is no more than five years. In addition, in order to glue new wallpapers, the old ones must be removed from the walls, while the new layer of paint can easily be applied on top of the previous one. At the same time, not only money is saved, but also time.

Most of the wallpaper inevitably fades under the influence of direct sunlight, which cannot be said about correctly selected paint. In addition, the pet will not be able to spoil the paint, having drowned the claws about it.

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