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Choosing flooring for dwelling

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The advantages and properties of laminated and nylon floors

Laminated floors are very popular today due to the fact that their quality has become much better, and the variety of colors allows you to choose the floor covering for every taste. Depending on how thick the upper coating, the cost of the laminate varies very much. On the same basis, laminate is divided into classes. Laminated panels are connected with the help of special grooves or locks. This material has good sound insulation, thermal insulation, beautiful appearance and can last more than twenty years. The second floor covering is carpet, it has several layers, the composition of the yarn can be made of artificial materials or from natural.

Nylon carpets have a long service life, clean well, have a soft pile. Carpet has such advantages as a variety of colors, drawings and textures. For lovers of all natural, there is a cork flooring. This is a good soundproofing material, it is waterproof, resistant to deformation. Ceramic tiles are used for the bathroom, kitchen or sanitary unit. It is easy to wash, durable, has established itself over many years of operation as a good environmentally friendly material. To complete the collection of flooring, you must definitely mention retro style, piece parquet, varnish and linoleum.

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