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The bulk floor will equip the T-45

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The bulk floor is equipped with t -45 supplies in bags containing 25 kg of dry mixture. Refers to fast -harding self -combating screeds, working with which is extremely simple and economical in terms of labor costs.

Equip T 45 Scorline (the full name of the composition) is intended for aligning not only horizontal, but also inclined bases, since the maximum thickness of its application to the surface is 10 cm. Used to prepare floors for decorating finishing work using linoleum, tiles, parquet boards. In the latter case, it is advisable to lose between the bulk floor and material plywood to prevent cracking.

The bulk floor T 45 allows you to walk on the aligned surface after 3-4 hours. Due to the non -shamefulness of the ability to transfer high temperatures, this building material is used on top of the floors with water and electric heating. High fluidity of the working solution helps to distribute it as evenly as possible over the entire base, and strong adhesive properties provide excellent operational characteristics of the equipment T 45.

The preparation of the grounds for the performance of work lies not only in dilating and degreasing, although this stage is required. It is also necessary at least a day before the formation of the screed to close all seams, potholes, cracks, holes from fasteners. Prior to the start of work on strong -recipient bases, it is advisable to disagree with the surfaces to avoid too fast the loss of moisture from the working solution of the bulk floor T 45.

The time during which you can work with the prepared solution is quite short – only 40 minutes. This must be taken into account by preparing a certain portion that can be consumed for this time period. If Skorline T 45 thickening somewhat before 40 minutes, it is enough to mix it and the ability to spread the spread will be restored.

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