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Making glued structures from coniferous wood

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Application and technology for manufacturing glued structures

In the manufacture of glued structures, coniferous rocks are used.

First, boards are made from logs, they are thoroughly dried, and then processed to increase the degree of protection against fire and lesion with microorganisms. Strict processed boards, be sure to achieve a smooth and clean surface. From the sorted quality parts of the boards at the next stage, a single beam is glued. The technology used allows you to get material that is characterized by undoubted advantages. Among them: sizes, high strength, clean surface (without defects), excellent sound – and thermal insulation, lack of shrinkage, high chemical resistance, rapid construction of objects, the ability to use oilcloth instead of metal and reinforced concrete, durability, beneficial effects on people’s health, Aesthetically impeccable appearance.

The possibility of using glued wood instead of heavy and more expensive metal and reinforced concrete elements can significantly reduce the costs of building objects, especially during the construction of cinemas, pools, exhibition halls, sports facilities, as well as in bridges.

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