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Device and types of staircase marches

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Requirements for stairwells for residential buildings and installation tips

Construction technology, using non -removable formwork Durisol, is not demanding on the installation of stairs. Any designs and technologies can be used.

Depending on the purpose of the building and the intensity of the use of stairs, their design is selected.

For office buildings, with a large number of employees or visitors, they choose stairs of factory manufacturing from reinforced concrete or monolithic, made on the spot.

The use of prefabricated stairwells, on the basis of Durisol formwork blocks, is preferable. Such stairs are built using a single technology with the building, which reduces the costs of materials. This design does not require attracting lifting equipment, reduces construction costs.

For residential buildings, you can use lighter structures of staircases made of wood and metal or their combinations. They can have a protective and decorative decoration and style in accordance with the general concept of the interior of the room where they are installed.

At the request of the future owner, they can be openwork, practically not visible, or vice versa distinguished, emphasizing certain design solutions in the interior.

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