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Threaded fittings.

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Threading fittings are used in pipeline reinforcement for transitions between pipes of different sections, laying of highways at different angles, creating network branches, as well as for the installation of collapsible areas. Depending on the function, the fittings are made in the form of couplings connecting the pipes of the same size or adapters – for pipes of different structures. The tees, collectors form a one-sided branch, with the help of the crossbreaks create two directions of branches. Chargers and bounces are used to change the direction of the highway, and caps and plugs tightly close the ends of the pipeline. Backs are used to join household appliances. In the main pipelines of communal or domestic purposes, threaded fittings are used, made of polymers or from brass with a nickelled or chrome coating. In industry, fittings are used from steel, cast iron or copper.

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