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Requirements and rules during a roof device in houses

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The device of the roof of their three -layer insulated panels with metal tiles

The device of the roof in houses built using formwork from the polystyrene foam “isoda” has no restrictions in the applied technologies and materials. Any structures available in the construction region can be used.

To select the method of creating a roof, you need to decide in its functional load and attic (attic).

Using modern technologies, you can build a roof that does not require additional insulation and rafter structure. Such a roof can be performed using three -layer insulated panels “Ecopan”. They allow you to make a roof without the use of a rafter structure. Lack of costs of rafters and additional insulation, warm attic (attic) is the most economically advantageous solution.

Perfectly flat surface of such a roof allows immediately, without additional processing, to lay roofing material. It can be a metal tile, natural ceramic tiles, soft roller materials or any others, in accordance with the project.

When using a construction option with a cold attic, the roof can be created in a traditional way with a frame structure, a crate and coating with leafy rigid materials.

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