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Rules for decorating wooden houses from timber

by britainsnews

Ideas and methods of wall decoration in a timber house

The advantages of buildings from the beam are obvious. They are the best suited for the requirements of environmental friendliness, and their installation is quite simple.

In addition, in this case, logs do not need the same diameter. The decoration of such a house is much easier than what is built of logs, since it is possible even on imperfectly even walls. Of course, the finish of the house built from the beam is carried out only after a shrinkage, which will take at least a year. But even this time can be used practically, having taken up the interior decoration.

Most often, siding is used to finish the facade of the beam. Its installation without a wooden or metal frame is not possible, so the facade is ventilated. In addition, the outer part of the house still needs to be insulated. For these purposes, you will need a vertical crate, as a material for which a wooden beam is used. After it is fixed, you can start laying the insulation, which can be fiberglass or basalt. Having covered the insulation of a water -protective membrane, by means of a stapler, it must be attached to a crate.

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