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Decorative plaster in the interior of the premises

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Varieties and rules for applying decorative plaster

Many reasons force people to do their own repairs. An important point in this case is wall decoration. There are many ways, but one of the most spectacular and easy -to -performance is the use of decorative plaster. Its undoubted advantages are a simple application technology and a pronounced decorative effect. What is this type of finish? This is a special pasta, which can be used both for further decor, and as an independent coating. Decorative plaster is divided into several types: phlock – small particles of different colors applied to glue.

Venetian – its basis is finely wrapped marble. Structural – when applying it, a texture appears that imitates natural materials (pebbles, fibers, etc. D.)"Under the old days" – The effect is based on the use of synthetic latexes, which, when applied, show an interesting property: scuffs are manifested. Depending on the size of the particles included in the plaster, they are divided into fine -grained and coarse. The use of special coloring pigments allows you to expand the color palette of decorative plasters. Decorative plaster has also properties that allow you to use it in rooms with different humidity levels: the ability to absorb or repel water. Thanks to the use of water -repellent materials, walls with such a finish can be washed using detergents without afraid to damage them. This is very relevant, especially if you have small children.

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