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Glue for foam blocks SR – 67

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Glue for foam blocks SR – 67, 20 kg is used to fix foam concrete and aerated concrete blocks. The manufacturer of dry mixtures under the Center-Pro brand is Kimeg factory. The aggregate in this pool for foam blocks is pure quartz sand, the connecting component is Portland cement. Glue for aerated concrete and foam concrete blocks, unlike the usual cement-sand mixture, is modified by various additives that increase the plasticity of the solution, water resistance and other properties. This dry mix is ​​made in accordance with state regulations and has a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion and certificate of conformity.

We suggest buying glue for foam blocks to those who can save. A low mixture consumption, high adhesion with cellular concrete, moisture -conducting ability, frost resistance – characteristics that adhesives for foam blocks SR -67 fully possess. Due to the fact that the viability of the working solution can reach 120 minutes (depending on the temperature conditions), this construction composition allows you to increase the performance. Accordingly, adhesives for foam blocks, the price of which for the most part is less than cement-sand mixtures, reduce labor costs and increase the speed of work. The commissioning of the building or premises is much faster.

Before using glue, it is necessary to clean the foam block of dust and garbage. The SR-67 glue is applied with a thin layer and is evenly distributed over the surface of the block, which will be in contact with the base (floor), or with neighboring blocks. The thickness of the layer varies depending on the accuracy of the manufacture of foam and aerated concrete blocks. Usually it is 2-3 mm. Do not apply a solution with a thickness of more than 5 mm. At the end of the work, be sure to rinse the tool, since the frozen mixture can only be cleaned by mechanically.

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