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Finishing materials is a group of materials that is designed to create finish coatings on various surfaces, building structures and structures. The main goals are protection against the negative consequences of the external environment, improvement of hygiene in rooms and for decorative purposes.

Types of finishing materials:



Olifs and emulsion;


Rolled finishing materials (wallpaper).

Types of finishing materials in the field of application:

For external work – suitable for facades of buildings;

For interior decoration – intended only for the use of indoors.

Types of finishing materials on properties:

Waterproof – can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, baths and saunas;

Non -combustible – suitable for decoration of baths, saunas, stoves and fireplaces. Refractory materials can also be used for wooden houses to avoid arson;

Decorative – used only for finishing.

Application of modern finishing materials

Materials are used in the decoration of walls, floors and ceilings, to protect facades and windows. They are applied with a spatula, brush or simply glued to the surface. Environmentally friendly materials are well suited for work in children’s rooms and in rooms where allergies live.

Consumption and technical characteristics vary depending on the type of materials, you can read more about this in the relevant categories.

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