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Advantages and advantages of a massive board

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A dense massive board itself has a number of advantages, unlike its successor. At the moment, it is the most modern, high -tech and environmentally friendly material for the flooring. This massive board contains completely natural wood. What can not be said about the laminated parquet and the parquet board itself. If you like natural materials that will delight you with your aroma and texture, then the massive board is a find in this case, since in all its indicators it meets quality and design. The thickness of the massive board is different, it all depends on the load and on the evenness of the coating. On average, the length of the massive board is from ten to nineteen centimeters or from one hundred to one hundred and ninety millimeters. The most popular and widespread, as experience shows, is a board the size of twenty to twenty -two millimeters. The thickness and density of the massive board depends largely on its strength and technical data. The better the massive board according to technical data, the less its thickness. In this case, everything is proportional. In turn, the massive floor board always bears the main responsibility and severity of the support. This board should be selected carefully and give preference to leading brands for the production of massive floor boards. There is such a connection of massive boards as a lawless. This device is very practical in domestic conditions and has a fairly simple scheme for fasteners. In this design, the castle is in a demonstration. The advantage of such fastening is that for the layman there is the possibility of dismantling this design. You can use screws or adhesive base, which is not always practical. The modern production of massive boards has grown so much that it is difficult to imagine what to expect it further, if today there is a large selection of one or another type with various types of mounts or surfaces. Among this choice, you should understand the need for a particular flooring. There are many varieties, among other massive boards, the massive oak board is very popular. Everyone has long known that oak is a noble tree that does not lend itself to other types of wood. Everyone has heard about the nobleness of oak. Since the oak has a number of properties in connection with which they give him the greatest preference. The use of oak floors, just like furniture has always been considered aesthetics. Most old sexes were made of oak, and how many have survived to this day. Of course, not everything is forever, but not every material can naturally preserve their abilities and properties. In this regard, oak is one of the leaders not only in quality characteristics, but also in cash costs, ahead of many types of flooring in price. However, you should not perceive the oak coating, as an ideal and not requiring any care, this is not so. Even oak with its high -quality abilities has the ability to lose them with not accurate treatment.

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