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Which glue is better to choose for vinyl wallpaper

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When acquiring glue, we must not forget that for different varieties of wallpaper, different glue compounds are used.

They should not enter into any chemical reactions with the material of the wallpaper, are forced to ensure good gluing them to the plane, the right time of “setting”. Glue should not leave traces on the plane of the glued strip. He also must allow the trellis to remove it very easily if you need.

Special glue is used for vinyl wallpaper, but certain types of multifunctional adhesives are also suitable. It is only necessary to imply that the consumption of adhesive mass plus to this will be large. The selection of glue for vinyl wallpapers is made taking into account how the trellis are made on the basis. Vinyl wallpapers belong to the heavy type of these products. The glue for them “fights” actually instantly, which protects a strip of wallpaper from sliding along the wall during fasteners. And all because the wallpaper made of vinyl is much heavier than ordinary paper. But it must be borne in mind that if the pattern needs to be adjusted in the pasting procedure, then the glue of instant setting is not suitable. Therefore, you need to use glue with a slow reaction.

Types of glue for vinyl wallpaper

All types of adhesives are divided into home and industrial. Unlike experienced species of homemade glue is packaged in bags or boxes of cardboard. The weight of such packages is different, and therefore one should calculate in advance the right number of glue. Gluing material is located in the package in the form of powder mass. Dilute it with warm water specifically before use. Domestic adhesive base – starch.

Basically, specialized substances add to such powders, which interfere with the appearance of fungi and mold. Glutolin adhesives, vinyl “Dobrodel” and German “Moment Classic” are in demand. With high -quality security of gluing, they have a relatively low cost.

Specialized dye is introduced into certain adhesives. In water, when preparing glue, it stains the entire mixture with some color. This makes it possible to control the uniformity of spreading glue on trellis, because a strip of glue is clearly visible – in specifics this is important when decorating the edges of the wallpaper strips. Similar adhesives include a “pointer”. After such glue dries, it loses its own color and is done completely invisible.

Before going to the supermarket for glue, you should learn the label on the packaging with trellis well. The manufacturer in most cases advises for his own product the use of one or another glue.

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