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Installation of a metal drainage system

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The installation advantages of the metal system of the drain are determined by its maximum operational endurance and truly profitable durability. Modern technical and functional solutions allow you to effectively use this design all year round for safe removal of rain and melt water. The installation of this option significantly reduces the risks accompanied by additional expenses and seasonal problems.

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Adequate choice: geometric combination of the roof and drainage

Depending on the configuration, perimeter and type of roof when designing a roof drain system, it is recommended to take into account the standard dimensions of the gutters:

For a width of 12, 5 cm and a coating area up to 50 m2, the use of one pipe with a conditional diameter of 87 mm;

Under the same conditions, but with a surface of 50-100 m., The number of pipes doubles;

area exceeding 100 kV. m, is supplied with 150 mm grooves and D100 pipe.

If individual elements of the roof have different values, the parameters of the drainage structure are calculated according to its largest section.

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