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The main advantages of wooden houses and cottages

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Wooden houses: advantages and technology of construction

The main issue in the construction of the house that arises in the head of everyone who wants to build a private house – from which material to carry out construction? Many people opt for a tree. Why is it happening? First of all, wood from wood won from other houses in economy and environmental friendliness. By the way, in wooden houses it is also convenient to make a home office in it will be convenient for you to work. And these are not empty words, the tree is really much cheaper than stone. Also, the timing of construction speaks in favor of the tree, usually the entire process of building the building takes 1-3 months.

The advantages of wooden houses also include the fact that a wooden house does not need to carry out many finishing work, because wood is a material that breathes and passes air, and additional decoration can worsen the unique properties of the material. Wooden houses have high heat conservation indicators in order to heed such a house, it is not required to spend a lot of time, with a competent organization of the heating system, the inaccuated house will be heated completely in an hour or two, against the day in a brick house. Exposing the aroma of resin, a tree is created in the house of a special microclimate. The disadvantages of a wooden house include possible pests that will speed up the aging process of the house and reduced fire resistance, but it is worth noting that with a competent approach to the construction process, all these problems can be eliminated.

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