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Grouting is a necessary element of decor and protection of ceramic tiles. The scope of the grouts is quite wide. They are used in external and internal work with tiles, facing stone, porcelain stoneware and other facade materials.

As already mentioned in the grout of two functions. The first is protective, it protects the ends of the tiles from the temperature difference and water ingress, thus preventing the formation of cracks, and increasing the life of the tiles. The second is aesthetic, without grouting, the tiles will look wretched. Grout helps to install a single composition.

The basis of the grout is cement, but besides it there are various fillers that give colors and set the necessary properties. Thanks to such fillers or additives, the grout is plastic, frost and heat-resistant, waterproof, etc. D. Another important property of grouting is antifungal disinfection. Due to its structure, it will be problematic to develop molds under tiles.

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