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Wastewater treatment system

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Toppa wastewater treatment system can clean the competent development of deep-biological cleaning of dirty wastewater, combined with the addition of bubbles filled with air. The desired oxygen additive is synthetically. Such an operation is very necessary for the complete separation of organic substances, as well as its parts in the processed wastewater. The given process of work is: not clean wastewater is poured directly into the receiving barrel or tank, where their infusion is partially stabilized.

The equipment works in the equipment the very first cleaning from unnecessary components contained in dirty wastewater.

This order is called: “The wastewater treatment system is the mechanical processing of the drained drain”. We will then switch to the new period: the wastewater that previously completed the initial moments flows into a re -prepared air tank for this. Inside the apparatus, all clusters are separated by activated sludge, t. e. His reaction to drain.

Further, after the desired passage of the Il (active) moments, due to the Erlift kit pushes into the cental stabilizer. The spent active silt as accumulates is cleaned into the allotted camera from which is pumped out by the airolift.

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