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Metal polymer pipes

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Metal polymer pipes are used to create a durable engineering system. They are more stable in work and more flexible to a change in the external and internal environment, so they are easier to cope with the surges of temperature and pressure.

The metal -plastic pipe consists of two layers of plastic and the middle layer of aluminum between them. Aluminum is connected to layers of plastic with glue. This design provides stiffness, prevents deformation, as a result makes it difficult to get oxygen. The outer and inner layers of the polymer do not allow rust to form, so the service life of the pipe is very long – up to fifty years. With all the working hardness of the pipe, it is flexible in installation due to soft metal – aluminum. It can be bent at almost any angle.

The scope of metal -polymer pipes is quite wide: from household to industrial sewage. In the apartment they can be used for hot and cold water supply, for heating systems – radiator or warm floors. For connecting parts, both threaded fittings and indiscriminate press fings are suitable.

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