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Wall MDF panels.

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MDF wall panels are designed for wall decoration (less often – ceilings) in apartments, office institutions and administrative buildings. The material is characterized by a rather low cost and ease of installation.

Types of MDF panels by the nature of the processing:

Veneered, t. e. covered with veneer (thin sheets of natural wood);



Technical characteristics of sheets

Length: from 2, 4 meters to 2, 7;

Width: from 150 mm to 900, less often – 1200;

Thickness: from 3 mm to 60.

Thin slabs are quite fragile, and the panels with a thickness of 12 mm are strong and have good properties of heat-sounding. The dimensions of the final sheet depend on the manufacturer.

MDF installation

Plates are nailed to wood profiles. Usually – rails of 40 mm wide and 20 mm long. MDF boards usually have vertically, and rails are vertically. However, in some cases, the panels are nailed horizontally or even diagonally.

After the casing around the perimeter, skirting boards and corners are nailed. The latter are usually made from fiberboard of the same color.


In addition to the fact that the panels can be matte and glossy, it is huge to choose their flowers. Under wood: ash and pearl ash, wenge, walnut, maple, enamel, pine and light pine, oak, dark flax. There are painted options for acrylic red or enamel. White options are also common.

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