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Washing filters

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Compact, small washing filters are used for continuous supply of purified water in water supply systems and installed in places with a limited area. Apply on pipelines with cold water at a working pressure of 16 bar or hot water at a pressure of 25 bar. Before the filter and after it, cutting taps are installed. Fleet filters separate foreign particles and mechanical impurities, performing thin water purification. Their design allows you to easily remove the sediment from the bowl, below which a ball valve is installed, with which the sediment can be released from the filter through the fitting. The filter element of the flushing filter is a grid made of stainless steel, it must be changed once a year. The filter case can be made of plastic or brass. In filters with a set manometer, the need to flush the filter can be determined by changing the indicators of the device by more than half of the initial values.

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