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Puffs and valves of the coupling

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Club valves and valves – shut -off valves, which is used for installation on highways, for temporary overlapping of the flow when transporting a working environment with a temperature of about 110 degrees. The working pressure of the medium should be no more than 10 bar. Glows can meet the requirements of two classes: 1 class – are used on pipelines with a working environment in the form of steam, water, oil, oil, as well as liquid and gaseous oil products; Grade 2 – when transporting water or steam.

The couplings and valves, the case of which is made of brass, can be used on highways transporting explosive liquid or gaseous substances, since this shut -off valves have high resistance to corrosion and aggressive media. Installation is carried out through the internal thread. If the dumplings are installed on the supply pipeline, it is necessary to install the filter in front of it.

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