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Varieties of modern stretch ceilings and their advantages

by britainsnews

Stretch ceiling finishing: types of textures and material, installation rules

To date, stretch ceilings have taken a leading place in almost all construction markets. Specialists consider the technology of their decoration very convenient and reliable. With the help of them, you can quite easily hide all sorts of roughness and irregularities, as well as hide all the communication in the house.

The stretch ceiling is divided into glossy and matte. The glossy ceiling has a mirror surface, which visually increases the room, and matte – smooth or textured, is suitable for residential premises.

In addition, thanks to the use of such high -strength and rather elastic material as a PVC film, which does not crack and is not damaged from mechanical exposure, the installation of suspended ceilings is carried out quite simply and easily.

Also, stretch sheets also do not require frequent repair and special care. They do not ignite and do not lose their qualities at too high or low temperatures. When losing the gloss, the ceiling only needs to be wiped, and it will look like a new one again.

Many construction companies offer their services for installing stretch ceilings. These include the sale, dismantling and services of specialists of the company that will help in choosing colors and textures.

One of the important qualities of suspended ceilings is increased resistance to humidity and water resistance. Therefore, the installation of such ceilings can be performed even in the bathroom.

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