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The shutters are rotary flange

by britainsnews

Turning flange shutters-shut-off-regulating pipeline reinforcement, which is used on hydraulic installations. Disk shutters of this design are also called “Butterfly”. The shut -off disk is rotated in the housing on the axis, which is placed perpendicular to the axis of the line, while the high tightness of the flow of the working environment is highly tight. Shutter control – manual. The shutter is installed in the highway with the help of flanges, centering through the eyes. The device case is covered with high -resistant anti -corrosion enamel, which allows you to use this shut -off device in pipelines transporting hot and cold water, as well as drinking and low aggressive liquids with a temperature of -20 to +120 degrees. Flanger shutters have light weight, so their installation does not significantly affect the weight of the pipeline.

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