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The calculation of the width of the foundation

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Private House is a dream of many. Unlike an apartment in a high -rise building, such a dwelling gives a sense of solitude and isolation from the world. In addition, your own house can be made as you want, personally determining the number of floors, rooms and their layout.

Starting the construction of the house of his dreams, the developer is faced with a large number of calculations. Among the first, there is a need to calculate the width of the foundation.

The necessary width of the foundation can be calculated if certain values ​​are known. These include the height of the foundation, the type of soil, the mass of the building, as well as some others. It is assumed that the necessary length of the foundation is already known.

The height of the foundation can be established based on the standards accepted for this area. The foundation should be laid below the level of freezing of the soil, which is determined for each of the regions of Russia.

The type of soil can be found in the relevant services or do it yourself. The first option costs some money and time, but gives an accurate result. The second costs nothing, but its accuracy is controversial. Having set the type of soil, it is easy to find out its resistance coefficient.

Now you need to find out the mass of the structure. Having a building plan, this will not be difficult to do. The mass of the house must be divided into the soil resistance coefficient – we find the foundation area. Dividing it into length, we get the width of the foundation without taking into account its own mass.

Next, the length of the foundation should be multiplied by its height and concrete density – the mass of the foundation itself will turn out. We divide the mass into the coefficient of soil resistance and by the length of the foundation. We put the resulting value with the previously calculated width and get the necessary width of the foundation.

This is the calculation of the width of the foundation completed. There are more complex methods, however, in private construction, there is no need to resort to them. For more accurate calculations, you should contact professionals.

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