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What is a spiral staircase: how to make

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Perfectly saves the space of the room screw stairs. They are quite widely used in apartments, where there are few square meters of living space. A spiral staircase can be decorated in such a way that it will fit perfectly into any design look of a modern house. Most stairs are always available on sale, they are made of aluminum or wood. For stairs of a screw type, material can be used that can be cast iron, steel, aluminum. You can learn more about the manufacture of aluminum structures on the site – www. Altehstroy. ru. This type of stairs is sold in a collapsible form, so after the purchase they need to be assembled. The purchased staircase is attached to the pre -prepared opening. In this case, it is necessary to turn the upper side of the stairs and fix the frame to the transverse and longitudinal spans using screws that have a length of at least 70 centimeters, but in some cases, nails with a length of 10 centimeters are used.

The purchased staircase may sometimes not coincide with a height from the ceiling to the floor. In this case, a staircase of this type is simply adjusted to the required size, dripping a part on the lower side and then processing this part in the future with a shirt to remove unnecessary irregularities. Before installing this type of stairs, of course, it is better to determine the size, and then purchase the necessary staircase along the length.

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