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Types of wall decoration to create a beautiful interior

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DIY options and methods of modern wall decoration

To create a beautiful interior, wall decoration is a very important role. After all, entering the premises, they immediately pay attention to the walls. Now there is a large selection of wall decoration with different advantages. You can paste the walls with wallpaper, since there are different types of them: glass wallpaper, vinyl, bamboo, on a non -woven basis, cork. They have a variety of drawings, a wide selection of colors and textures, approach any style and easy to work with them. You can also paint the walls, and if you combine coloring with other types of finishes, you get an effective wall decoration. For painting, acrylic, water-dispersion or water-based paint is used. You can make walls with different shades with it.

Ceramic tiles are used in wet rooms, since it has high strength, a variety of textures, drawings, shapes and colors, water -repellent qualities.

In wall decoration, you can make a decorative plaster, which is different types. And this is structural plaster, Venetian decorative plaster, textured stone baby, or “phlock”. This material is resistant to moisture and mechanical exposure.

Modern types of wall decoration include a fabric coating, but it is too expensive for many.

There are enough types of wall decoration, each of them has its own disadvantages and advantages.

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