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Gypsum fiber for walls, ceiling and floor.

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A gypsum fiber sheet is a sheet building and final material, which is produced by pressing construction gypsum (80-85%) and cellulose fibers (15-20%). Unlike drywall, it has no layers, homogeneous. Without a shell.

Types of GVL panels by properties:

Moisture resistant (GVVV);


On the design features of the edge:

With a falsaver;

Without a fold.

Technical characteristics of GVL

Standard dimensions of the sheet – 2500×1200 mm;

Thickness – 10 or 12, 5 mm;

Weight 12, 5 mm sheet – 29 kg;

Density – 1200-1250 kg/m 2;

Combustibility class – G -1 (difficult);

The strength of the strength during bending, MPa – 5, 3;

Thermal conductivity, W/ms – 0, 36;

The firmness of the front surface, MPa – 22;

Superficial moisture absorption – no more than 3%.

The use of gypsum fiber

GVL is used in the same areas as drywall (GKL), sectile leaf (SML) and partly expanded clay.

Plates are used to align the floor for linoleum, laminate and tiles, for facing walls and ceiling for the finish coating for the installation of office and interior partitions. GVVV can be used for finishing in the bathroom and in the kitchen. For its fastening, you can use both glue and special screws and screws.

When installing partitions, ordinary drywall profiles are used. Metal profiles organize a frame, to which the plate of gypsum fiber is then attached.

Glv Knauf was widespread in Russia. The extension of this manufacturer is called super -set gypsum fiber.

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