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Steel boilers

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Steel boilers – a later product in heating technology, therefore, more modern. Steel boilers, compared to cast iron, are not terrible temperature changes. They have a relatively low weight and a relatively low cost.

Steel boilers are not sectional, like cast -iron. These are whole welded structures. Their active use resource is designed on average for 15-25 years. But this figure can be increased two or more times, depending on the quality of the heat exchanger material. This is the main thing that you should pay attention to when buying. For residents of Russia, it is advisable to pay close attention to trademarks that have successfully established themselves in the conditions of the “Russian winter”.

Steel solid fuel and gas boilers are very economical. Their efficiency is approximately 90% due to modern technologies for the effective use of fuel (it can be natural, liquefied gas, and various types of solid fuel-wood, brown or stone coal, etc. D.). Their low weight gives an additional advantage – lightness and transportation of transportation, t. To. steel stronger metal compared to cast iron.

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