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Three -dimensional wall painting with gypsum with your own hands

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The concept and advantages of a three -dimensional wall painting using gypsum

Three -dimensional wall painting using gypsum is one of the latest ways of wall cladding. Despite the fact that the external composition is quite difficult to create, with your great desire and certain perseverance, three -dimensional painting with gypsum can be performed independently. Any type of design work begins with the development of an idea, choosing its location and selection of materials. So, let’s begin. Choose the idea of ​​the created composition. Analyze all options and decide what you like more: bushes or trees, rocks or waterfalls, and so on. A very important point is the choice of lighting, since properly selected lighting can hide some disadvantages of forms and highlight the advantages in the right light.

In order to create a three -dimensional painting with gypsum, it is necessary to use a lot of improvised materials. The basis of this method of wall decoration, of course, is gypsum, although it has long been sunk into the summer when the gypsum was used exclusively. Now, as a painting of walls, you can use both gypsum plaster and putty. In order to make hidden cavities and layers, it is best to use drywall. To give additional volume and stiffness of the entire structure, wood materials are used.

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