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Camping floors in the interior: Dignity and properties

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Varieties and installation techniques of cork flooring

The creation of absolutely any interior is necessarily related to the replacement of the floor, and therefore every owner tries to choose the best and most functional coating that can last more than one year and remain attractive. It would seem that there is nothing terrible here: modern construction markets offer simply a huge amount of materials, but many people often have difficulties with choosing a suitable coating. If you decide to contact the designer, then he will most likely advise you to use incredibly popular natural coatings at the moment.

The incredible wear resistance of such a coating as cork floors becomes a real salvation for those rooms where a large stream of people is constantly observed and it is necessary to create an original and interesting design. Previously, only ceramic tiles and linoleum were at the disposal of buyers, which forced not only to lay out a tidy sum, but could not sufficiently resist the effects of surrounding factors.

The manufacturers of floor coverings offer various types of cork coatings: floating and adhesive, not to mention the fact that each species has its own characteristics and features in installation. The second type differs in that the glue is applied to the entire basis of the tile, while the first is attached using a special system of grooves and rowers.

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