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Varieties of putty for apartment renovation

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Before applying the last layer to the walls during any repair, they are always aligned first. Typically, puttying is used for this purpose. In addition, putty is used to create textured drawings on the walls, volumetric patterns. According to the most general classification, putty are divided into putty and dry mixes ready for use. Dry mixtures differ in that they still need to be diluted with water.

Such a putty can be bought in advance and stored for a long time. The disadvantage of this type is that it is necessary to use the divorced mixture within the next day. In addition, such a solution is easy to spoil without observing the preparation instructions. Ready -made puttyers are more convenient to use, but in addition to this, they are prone to shrinkage and not for all types of work are suitable.

Specialized putty should be distinguished in a separate category. This type is usually included puttys for grouting seams, special expanding putties, puttying of fissures. That is, material for solving specific problems and problems.

There is also the so -called putty of the first layer and the finish putty. The first is distinguished by its strength, durability and wear resistance. When choosing a second type of putty, pay attention to the size of the components of the mixture. The smaller they are, the smooth and even the surface will turn out.

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