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All building materials of the manufacturer: ISOVER

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ISOVER isover – thermal insulation material used to reduce heat loss in all types of buildings. Environmentally harmful, not absorbing moisture, light and economical, isovever the insulation has found widespread use in thermal insulation of vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces both from the inside of the enclosing structures of buildings and from the external.

However, due to the fibrousness of the material, it must be protected from dust and dirt, therefore, during installation, any coating is necessarily used: drywall, plaster, metal profile, etc. D. In addition to energy-saving functions, Izover can be used to install acoustic partitions, noise and sound insulation.

Izover insulation – absolutely safe for health. Moreover, since microorganisms that are harmful to humans do not multiply on mineral fibers, and rodents do not use this thermal insulation, you can safely recommend the insulation of the insulation as a biological protection of the room.

Izover insulation, the price of which you can find out in our online store, differs in thickness and execution. It can be rolled or produced in the form of plates. The manufacturer also differentiates its products by purpose: for walls, roofs, floors, as acoustic materials.

This thermal insulation material can be used not only to maintain heat in houses, but also for thermal insulation of pipelines, industrial equipment, freezers, thermostats, and thermal networks tanks. High quality isover is confirmed by certificates of conformity and sanitary-hygienic conclusions

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