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Hinged ceilings

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A hinged ceiling is a special design that completely closes the main ceiling.

Types of hinged ceilings:

Suspended ceilings – modular structures consisting of plates or panels and a frame made of profiles;

Stretch ceilings – consist of a frame and a canvas stretched over it.

Types of hinged ceilings on the material:

Tissue ceilings (stretch);

Plastic (stretch and suspended);

Made of drywall or materials based on gypsum (suspended);

From materials based on lime (Armstrong);

Metal (rack suspension);

Wooden (usually – ceilings in private houses, sometimes suspended).

Installation of hinged ceilings

All hinged ceilings combine several features of installation. So, for example, for them all you need to first make a frame from profiles, and then either pull the canvas or lay the tile.

Also, all types of ceilings can integrate special lamps, both fluorescent and spot LED. In this case, in stretch ones it is possible to make a hole for hanging the chandelier.

Office and administrative buildings often use suspended ceilings, and in the apartments – stretch ceilings. They are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even children’s.

Advantages of hinged ceilings

High installation speed and, as a result, reduction of labor costs;

A huge number of design solutions that are easy to implement;

After installation, there is practically no construction garbage;

Hides seams and various communications.

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