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Construction of a country house from cellular concrete

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Aerated concrete for the construction of the house: Dignity and properties of the material

Cellular concrete or aerated concrete is very popular. This is material in the form of artificial stone with uniformly distributed spherical pores. By mechanical properties, this is an effective and durable material. Thanks to the porous structure, water and ice are replaced without destroying the basis of your home. A house built of aerated concrete holds heat perfectly, absolutely fireproof and environmentally friendly. In such a dwelling, the air will be fresh, t. To. This material has increased breathability. P

A house made of cellular concrete can easily be built on your own, because it is a fairly easy building material. For masonry, a special glue is used, which is applied using a bucket with cloves. Glue grabs in a couple of minutes. Cut the block or drill a hole in it with the help of ordinary electric or manual tools. Therefore, when laying various communications, you will not have any special difficulties. In order not to violate the ability of the walls to “breathe”, use special mixtures for cellular concrete, siding or ventilated facade for decoration. When lining the house with a brick, leave gaps for ventilation between the bricks.

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