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Country and homemade hammocks and hammers.

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A hammock is a sunbed for sleeping or rest, which is a rectangular piece of fabric or a wicker grid suspended at two opposite ends.

Types of hammocks

Country (or garden). Classic version. It is a large design that is located on an open area, with a net. There are hammocks for cottages that are attached to trees or racks, and not to the frame;

Home. The design is much smaller than the last version. It is located in a house or apartment. Some models are fixed to the brackets screwed into the wall;

Folding. This type is a compact metal structure and a fabric sunbed. Easy to transport, lay out and collect;

Tourist. Its feature – can be attached to one branch of a tree. It is made of tarpaulin or other dense fabric;

Hamac chair. Its main difference is that they sit in it, not lying.

How to hang a hammock?

If you just have a network with transverse beams without a frame, then you can fix it with your own hands on two trees or drive special columns into the ground. Then we install the brackets and fasten the hammock.

Models with frames require more complicated assembly, however, instructions are usually attached to them.

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