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Now, with the help of a simple jigsaw, everyone can feel like a hassle master. You can cut out figured products for decor or any details that are of practical significance; And all this is very simple, just buy an electrician.

The market of electric jigsaws is quite wide. They are divided into professional and amateur, differ in the type of buildings – brackets and mushroom -shaped; are rechargeable or working from the network, etc. D.

Any jigsaw is able to cut a hole with a diameter of 15 mm, but not anyone will cut the metal with 10 mm thick. If you need to work with materials of high thickness, then purchase a professional jigsaw with high power. If you take a jigsaw for homework, you are quite enough for a low -power amateur. For an experienced cutter, the type of case is very important. If he is used to working with mushroom -shaped, then the bracket will be unusual for him. For a beginner, it does not care which tool to learn to work. Both are sold in a wide range.

Choose a jigsaw and simple and difficult at the same time. The number of manufacturers is constantly growing, new models with new additional functions appear with them. On the one hand, it is enough to decide on the required power and forward to the store. On the other hand, when you learn about the number of additional functions, your eyes run up. There are liners with an electronic automation system that supports the constant number of moves of the working body, there are models with a system of cooling the material, a cutting system of sawdust or even with a vacuum cleaner; There are models with protection from touching a file and t. D.

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