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Primer – the basis of all finishing work. Before you start repairs, you need to think about the quality preparation of the surface. Protective and very persistent properties are different for the primer. They perfectly strengthen the surface, contribute to uniform application of various materials, minimize paint consumption, prevent the appearance of fungus and mold, have the ability to strengthen loose and fragile walls. In combination with various enamels, the primers of the VL can give metal products additional anti -corrosion properties. Before use, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned of various kinds of contaminants, and mix the primer well. You can apply a primer using pneumatic spraying, brushes or roller. Primeries of this type provide resistance to both fresh and sea water, pairs, gasoline, electric current, mineral oils, saline, and alkaline solutions. It is necessary to use the primers to the overhead lines with good ventilation and having individual protective equipment.

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