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Possible methods and decisions of alignment of sexes

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Setting the floor: rules, methods and stages

The classic way of aligning the floors is to apply a concrete screed. But such work is very painstaking, it takes a lot of time and effort, so manufacturers do not stand still and come up with more and more new solutions to solve intractable problems. As a result, an alternative to unnecessary laborious work is regulated floors. The appearance of such sexes facilitated the task of builders relatively recently. Adjustable floors help to align the floors more efficiently and quickly than when using a concrete screed. In addition, such floors are often used as the basis for laminate or parquet.

By the way, the delivery of prefabricated goods should be performed by professionals. In practice, it is proved that the adjustable floor, with proper styling and use, can last half a century, or even more, if you are classified as very accurate users. The peculiarity of this type of sex is such that the installation of the floor of the building with an area of ​​one hundred square meters will take you only two days. In addition, with such a sex, it becomes possible to raise the base to a height of two to fifteen centimeters. So, the use of regulated sexes justifies itself: you will get a perfectly even floor, while spending a very small amount.

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