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Cabedile -free sissies

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Cabedile -free sixes are intended for horizontal and vertical mona of the lines of electrical and informational

transmissions in submarried and residential facilities.

Cabelene -substituting sixes are divided into:

– Cabelery staircases – can withstand heavy loads and is used to create vertical and horizontal reinforced lines.

– Metal packed trays – are mainly used to create horizontal reinforced lines with moderate

weighing and are used mainly for the distribution of electric lines inside buildings and rooms.

– Meseric packed trays – are used to create horizontal papal lines with low weight.

– Plastic packed boxes – used to protect the open papillary lines indoors.

– Six underground channels – for organizing convenient and functional jobs and di.

– Montacious and fasteners – reaccrapellatal and monfect boxes, fasteners and mocking materials,

Plastic and metal pipes are used to connect final consumers.

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