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Alabaster is a construction white

by britainsnews

Building gypsum or alabaster is perhaps one of the oldest building materials in the world. Outwardly it is a thin powder of white color. Gypsum made of gypsum stone is made, burning and grinding it. The main advantage of construction gypsum is instant grasp and hardening. That is why gypsum makes forms to restore broken bones. 4 minutes after cooking, he already begins his setting, and after 6 gypsum is almost ready. Until completely harden it is necessary to wait only 120 minutes. The main drawback is low strength. Gypsum easily scratches, withstands small loads, absorbs water. The latter can be enviable dignity. When the room is wet, it absorbs excess water, giving it back when the air is excessively dry. This property is called hygroscopicity. An important advantage of gypsum is its environmental friendliness. This is completely safe of non -combustible material. They use construction gype and alabaster in plastering buildings with high humidity, from it, floor slabs, stucco decorative products are also made, there are other areas of application.

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