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Varieties of sockets

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By the installation method, electric sockets can be divided into three types: intra -wall, overhead and for fastening in a special plastic box.

For the installation of intra -wall sockets, it is first necessary to drill a hole in the intended wall with a diameter of a slightly large special plastic glass/outer and a depth equal to the height of this glass. A glass is inserted into this hole, and then with the help of cement or asbestos. And only an electrical tank of this type is installed in it. The second -type sockets are attached immediately to the wall using self -tapping screws.

The third type of sockets are usually used in offices where all communications are laid inside the boxes. These boxes have special installation places for electric cars. Installation is carried out in just a couple of minutes – the outlet simply snaps into its seat.

The first type of outlet looks more elegant, since the entire body is 80% drowned in the wall. The second -type sockets require much less time to install.

By the method of using sockets, you can divide into internal and external. The former are operated indoors, while the latter are used outside. Therefore, they have special requirements for protection against external factors – moisture, a large range of changes in air temperature. Such sockets are made of more stable material to various weather conditions, equipped with a special protective lid. Relatively speaking, sockets that can be used in the bathroom without prejudice, can also be attributed to the second type. They must be protected from moisture.

Also, electrical stages can have special contact for grounding electrical appliances included in them or not to have it at all. Accordingly, the former requires three -core wiring, and for the latter there will be enough two cores in the wire.

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