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Particular attention should be paid to mixers

by britainsnews

When making repairs in the bathroom, it is necessary to pay a lot of time and attention to the installation of future bathroom accessories. Since they will have to use them more than one day. There are different models of mixers, which are characterized by a variety of functionality, shape and size. The last generation of mixers can be safely attributed to those details that will decorate the type of room.

The most common mixers today are single -sided and two -wound. A single -legged mixer is convenient in that it can easily be turned on and off. In this case, adjusting the temperature and power of the water jet will be carried out without much effort. You just have to turn a little to the side. The traditional two -wound mixer has two valves, with which you can easily adjust the power of the water jet and water temperature.

Since the faucet breakdown occurs quite often in the bathroom, it is better to repair the two -tental mixer. Basically, the designs of mixers from brass, stainless steel, chromium are made – they are racks to oxidation, they are not afraid of moisture.

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