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How to insulate the walls of the new building outside: what you need to know

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When new buildings were built in Balashikha, the walls were insulated with polystyrene slabs. Also, to warm the outer walls of the house, such a building material as polystyrene slabs is used. The thickness and density of this material is different, the optimal thickness for outdoor insulation, the foam plate is 50 mm, and the polystyrene is 30 mm, the most suitable density of the selected material of the slab from the selected material, are glued with an adhesive mixture intended for polystyrene stoves. After gluing the plates, in them, with the help of a perforator, holes with a diameter of 10 mm are drilled, in the corners and in the middle of the sheet, plastic umbrellas, designed to fasten foam of policemen plates, are clogged into the resulting holes. Reinforcing insulation plates, occurs using a spatula, facade mesh and reinforcing mixture for polystyrene foam plates. In a dry reinforcing mixture, water is added, in the ratio – 1 part of the water, 3 parts of the dry mix and mixed with a construction mixer.

The finished mixture is applied with a spatula to the surface of the insulated wall, until the applied mixture has time to dry, the facade mesh is glued to it, after which another layer of reinforcing mixture is applied on top of the glued mesh. The average thickness of each layer is 2-2.5 mm.

At this stage, the wall is ready to apply finishing materials on it.

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