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Advantages and arrangement of a strip foundation

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Building a strip foundation: preparation and main stages

Great demand for all types of existing foundations belongs to the strip. It has a very serious strength, so it can be used as a basis for buildings of so many types, even rather heavy. In addition, under it there may be a soil of very different types. Bending or shifting moments to this type of foundation are simply not terrible due to the fact that it has a closed contour. And it can accurately guarantee that this option for the home is well coping with the task of redistributing the weight of the construction in the most uniform way. During the construction of the house, the check valve is always used.

The advantage of the strip foundation is that with its device, the foundation can also be prepared. In this case, it will be necessary to dig not a trench, as in the option without the foundation, but a full jacket. The costs of building a house will increase from this, but its practicality will be noticeably greater.

The bottom of the pit will have to waterproof. In the trench, it is simply enough to pour crushed stone and sand to the bottom. An important element is a correctly arranged reinforcing cage. It grows well with concrete, from which the foundation itself is poured and significantly increases its strength in the end.

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